At Geoff Baker Mortgage Adviser you will have access to products from the whole mortgage market and you can be confident that we’ll make mortgage recommendations that are in your best interests.

Our approach is personal and we’ll fit around your lifestyle. It’s always nice to meet face to face and do business in person, but if you are very busy or too far away, we can conduct the whole advice process over the phone, email and through the post.

We provide a flexible, efficient and confidential service and we’ll fit around your lifestyle: we can work with you at almost any reasonable time including early evening or Saturday if required.

Our Way of Working

A mortgage is likely to be the most important financial commitment you’ll make. Taking time to explore your options with us can save you money and give you peace of mind.

First we’ll find out about you: your plans for the future and your attitude to risk.

Based on what we know about you we will then research the market on your behalf. We’ll look at how much you can borrow, what interest rates are on offer and which lenders are best able to meet your needs.

We assess the best mortgage for you, not just on the best interest rate but on the TOTAL COST TO PAY over a set period e.g. 2 years.

When we make our recommendations to you, we will do so in a clear and straightforward way.

We’ll explain the overall cost of each option, what you will need to pay each month, the pros and cons of different products and how they could affect you if your circumstances were to change

We’ll provide you with impartial advice about mortgage insurance.

We’ll help you complete your mortgage application, make sure you’ve got all the documentation you need in place and keep you regularly updated throughout the mortgage process.

We’ll talk to you about the longer term, about the opportunities the mortgage market could offer you and how taking an active approach to your mortgage in the future could help you realise your plans and ambitions.

Once your mortgage is in place, we will also provide you with a regular mortgage review, giving you the assurance that you’ve still got the most appropriate mortgage for your situation.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.