How to write your dissertation best?

A dissertation is the most important piece of writing you need to undertake during your academic career. Since it is a very long research project, no wonder you may feel overwhelmed, pressured, or even stressed. After all, dissertation writing is quite different from any other assignment you have ever been given during your studies. However, with a good plan at hand, this challenging task can be completed faster and more efficiently than you think. The following tips are sure to help you with that!

First of all, let’s underline the most important points you should focus on:

  • relevant and fresh ideas;
  • powerful thesis statement;
  • thorough research;
  • credible sources;
  • logical structure;
  • clear academic language;
  • proper referencing.

Now that you know the basic points of dissertation writing, we can move forward. It’s time to look at some useful tips that will help you compose this extended paper in the best possible way!

Dissertation writing tips

  1. Create a writing schedule.

The ability to use your time efficiently can greatly help you in writing. Thereby, you need to create a schedule with writing sessions and specific goals you want to achieve. It is the only right approach to keeping this laborious task manageable. After all, a dissertation cannot be written overnight and requires you to take several consistent steps instead.

  1. Choose the right topic.

Start early and carefully think about the topic or problem you want to discuss. Conduct preliminary research and consult your supervisor for some ideas. You need to find something fresh and relevant to be your focus. Don’t opt for topics that have already been repeatedly discussed. If you want to compose the best dissertation, you should be original in your choice.

  1. Develop a good outline.

A good outline is a must-have for a successful dissertation. Once you know what to write about and have a strong thesis statement to use in your work, create a logical outline that will guide you in writing. Make sure it includes all the major dissertation chapters, your research notes, key points, preliminary contents, and indicative bibliography.

  1. Use official academic English only.

A dissertation is a serious paper that should be written in official academic English. It means that you should avoid using any shortened versions of words, colloquialisms, jargon, or vagueness. Your every sentence should be clear and completely understandable to your reader. Besides, it is not recommended to use too complex words and over-formal vocabulary.

  1. Proper referencing

Before to write your dissertation, check your college or university rules for referencing requirements and other writing specifications. After all, they are a key element in academic writing. First of all, proper referencing will ensure that you have acknowledged the used sources. Second, it will eliminate any trace of plagiarism and keep your work as much original as possible.

In general, be prepared to work through several drafts before you are completely satisfied with the end result. Use the above tips, consult your supervisor, and be patient. Only in such a case, you will get the final degree mark you are dreaming of.

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